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Quadpay Announcement

We are excited to announce a new feature we are launching that will allow even more customers to checkout using QuadPay!


Currently, we make an approval decision on each individual transaction based on a variety of factors including (among others) basket size and the customer themselves. In certain cases, our system may have denied a fraction of your customers if they were checking out with a basket size beyond what we would allow. In order to approve more customers, we will now allow those customers to check out if they can pay a slightly higher amount up front. 

Here’s what the experience will look like:

  1. A customer attempts to checkout with a basket of $500, but our system only enables this customer, on this transaction, to spend $400 in installments. (Previously this customer may have been unable to checkout with QuadPay - now they can!)

  2. QuadPay offers this payment plan as a new option:

    1. Pay $100 upfront (The amount of the customer’s order not approved by QuadPay)

    2. Split the remaining approved $400 into four equal installments

    3. The customer is charged $200 up front ($100 down payment + 1st installment of $100), with three additional scheduled installments of $100 every 2 week for 6 weeks, as they normally would.

This awesome feature is the result of feedback from you and your customers - thank you!

We encourage you to share the attachment with your CX team and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

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